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What people say about those our service.

Thanks guys, the early heads up on AFPW really made me some money. I recieved a few emails after your alert about it but your email is what sparked my interest in AFPW and is the reason i made 4x my investment and not 2. Thanks Guys, I will always read your alerts.

Jim Blancho


Awesome call on TTDZ, got your email in the AM the day of the alert a few weeks back and was able to grab near .006. She hit over .016 yesterday, made me a ton of money. I owe you guys a drink or two!

Greta McNoil


What I really appreciate from you guys is the amount of DD you send with your alerts. It helps me decide on my own if I like the pick and play or wait until the next one. I'm very picky with my trades and you really help me make some good decisions with your alerts.

Tom Simpson